I'm Chels. The person who will be your main contact. I do all the social media, emailing, booking, editing and am the main photographer on your big day! A little bit about me: I've always found a huge importance in documenting moments. One of my favorite passtimes as a child was to sit on the floor and completely immerse myself in an old box of photos. YES, PRINTED PHOTOS. Anyways, I watch horrendous amounts of reality TV and am in the process of writing a young adult novel.  I am utterly obsessed with my three dogs, JR, Nugget + Addison (I promise to send you pics of them if you send me pics of your dog). 



+ OTHER HALF OF CHELSEA'S BRAIN. "I first knew I needed to have a camera by my side at all times during a sunrise adventure in Hawaii when I was just 12 years old. Although I started by shooting landscapes, I quickly learned I had an obsession photographing humans in all of their beauty. I am determined to make you smile; wether that be at your wedding or throughout the many years after that you reflect on that sweet day. Creating a lasting friendship and beautiful work is my biggest priority. When I am not shooting or editing, you can find me with family and friends, camping, playing sports, or snuggled up reading a book. Most importantly, I love to have fun and always partake in new experiences!" - Megan

we seem pretty cool right?

They are exactly as described in their description: totally on top of every single detail, yet extremely fun to work with!
Chelsea really has the ability to catch those moments that would have passed on by if she wasn’t there.
Chelsea’s ability to capture the “little moments” is what I love about her. She is the sweetest and her incredible attitude is infectious!